Investment Instinct

Investment Instinct

While most investors have established quantitative technical analysis tools and protocols, many lack robust qualitative systems. With an approach that synergises quantitative and qualitative analysis, investors can improve their investment performance. This gives you a competitive advantage while analysing specific companies, uncovering insights and trends that quantitative models alone are not able to detect.

As a Consultant Psychiatrist with 20 years’ experience applying the practical insights and skills of psychology to the worlds of leadership, management consulting, diplomacy and the military, Dr Nicholas Beecroft works with investors to optimise their qualitative investment analysis and synergise that with quantitative analysis to form an investment judgment:

‘D-Day’ Decision-Making workshops:

Dr Beecroft will facilitate you to take a decision, integrating your scientific, intellectual, logical analysis with intuition, emotion, wisdom, experience, instinct, values, interests, ego, group dynamics, consciousness, competing inner voices, gut instinct, heart, somatic and energetic intelligences.

Previous clients have asked:

  • Shall I invest/disinvest from this company?
  • Am I ready to seek investors for my hedge fund?
  • Shall I take this opportunity?
  • Shall I leave my job and launch my own business?

Synergising quantitative and qualitative analysis

Dr Beecroft will work with you to optimise your existing qualitative investment analysis with an improved set of criteria, questions, measurements, analysis, decision process and due diligence checklist to answer each key investment decision question such as:

  • Will the CEO/board act to increase long-term value?
  • Are the employees aligned with the leadership’s vision, mission & strategy?
  • Do we believe what we are being told?
  • Can we trust the management team to deliver the strategy?
  • Is our relationship with the leadership team going to stand up under pressure?
  • Is this merger going to increase shareholder value?
  • Should I trust my gut instinct on this company?

Dr Beecroft will collaborate with you to synergise your qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

The benefits include:

  • Make better, clearer, faster decisions
  • Increase your skills in integrating your gut instinct, heart intelligence and intuition with your intellectual, rational and quantitative analysis
  • Optimise the key questions, criteria and qualitative evidence required to make investment decisions
  • Avoid the opportunity costs of doubt, procrastination, delay, analysis paralysis and bureaucracy
  • An improved due diligence process and checklist
  • If you succeed at all that, you’ll make more money and less mistakes

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